My Answer Is NO. . . If That's OK With You - My Answer Is NO. . . If That's OK With You


How This Book Can Help You

  1. Do you have trouble saying NO?
  2. Does NO sound like a mean or selfish word to you?
  3. Are you afraid you'll hurt the people you care about if you say NO to them?
  4. Do you have trouble dumping a date who treats you badly?
  5. When you and your partner disagree, do you have trouble standing up for yourself?
  6. Do you choke on your NOs because you fear abandonment?
  7. When friends ask you to do something you don't want to do, do you invent an elaborate excuse?
  8. Do your parents make intrusive requests that you give in to?
  9. Do you have trouble even practicing the sentence "NO, Mom, I just can't make it home this holiday?"
  10. Do you have a hard time saying NO to an invite even when you're completely exhausted?
  11. Do you hesitate to comment on employees' poor work performance?
  12. Can you set limits with your boss?
  13. Are you afraid to question policies or defy directives that you think are wrong?
  14. Are you worried about not being generous enough to causes or your community?
  15. Are you reluctant to confront men who harass you on the street, bus, or train?
  16. Do you have trouble questioning treatments that your doctors recommend you get?
  17. When you are caring for someone who is ill, do you get overwhelmed because you can't cut back on other responsibilities?
  18. Has a dying relative made an inappropriate request that you felt you could not refuse?
  19. Are there some people to whom you've never been able to say NO?

If you answer YES to three or more of these questions about saying NO, then you may need this book to find out how to set healthy boundaries and still preserve the relationships that matter to you. Purchase the book.

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